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Team Hayden and Lake Travis Football

By LT Cavaliers, 10/28/16, 5:00PM CDT


Team Hayden and Lake Travis Football

Champion Teammate: CB Hudson


Your donation to CC4C supports its mission to heal Hayden.

Hayden has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida/Myelomeningocele. In cases of SB, the spinal column fails to close properly which exposes the spinal cord to amniotic fluid. This exposure leads to damaged nerves. The higher the defect occurs on the spine, the more severe the damage. Hayden’s level is L5-S1 which is considered severe. This has also lead to additional health issues.

Our vision is simple. We want Hayden to be given the same opportunities as any other student in the school. We want him to LIVE, LOVE & ACHIEVE whatever dreams that he wants. It is important to us that Hayden be seen for what he CAN do & not for what he cannot do. We want Hayden to reach his full potential academically & socially. If his teachers & staff have high expectations for him, he will SUCCEED. Hayden is social, he has lots of friends and Hayden loves the ladies too!

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