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Interview: Offensive Coordinator Coach Mangino

By Lake Travis Football, 02/25/20, 4:45PM CST


20-20 Questions with Tommy Mangino

20-20 Questions with Coach Tommy Mangino


Welcome to Lake Travis!  What is your first impression of LTHS and it's Football Program?

Love it! This is a special place with a rich tradition in football. One of the premier high school programs in Texas from top to bottom.

Tell us about your family and what your plans are for the move to the Lake Travis area?

I am married to my high school sweetheart for almost 12 years. We have four boys and plan to move to WCH over spring break.

You gonna BEAT Westlake??

We are going to play hard, play smart and be a physical offense! ;)

You will be the new OC and the QB Coach - Any first impressions of your QBs and players?

The quarterback group is eager to learn and their potential is high. I like what each of them bring to the table and we will make sure our offense fits their strengths.

You have been in the college ranks all of your career.  How does the LT facilities and overall program compare with a college program?

Lake Travis has gone above and beyond to provide the best facilities and resources for student-athletes. I have worked at places where facilities are nicer but I have also worked at places where the facilities don't quite meet the LT standard. It is hard to compare but I will say that LT does not take a backseat to any other high school in Texas.

You come from a "Serious Football Family" - how did that influence your childhood and HS & College years?

Football has been in my family since my sister and I were born and we have embraced it every step of the way. Although college football has drastically changed since we were young, it shaped us as kids and now adults. I learned about teamwork, how to compete, how to push myself further than I thought I could be pushed, and how to embrace different backgrounds and cultures.

You're following a great OC , Coach Stein. Have you chatted with Will about his experiences here, and did he 'warn you' about anything??

Will reached out to me after I took this job and wished me the best. He expressed the love he has for LT and there is no better place in the country. I told him I have some big shoes to fill but he was complimentary of my achievements.

Coke, Pepsi or Dr Pepper?

Dr. Pepper

We heard you have been 'bunking in' with a couple of the LT Coaches and their families while you are in the relocation phase. How's that been?

Coach Luedecke and his wife Keegan were more than generous to welcome me into their home before ever getting to know me. I enjoyed waking up to Landon playing games and getting excited about winning! Definite coaches kid. Coach Carter and Stacy have treated me like family and invite me for dinner every evening. I love listening to Jason and Madison tell everyone about their day. The LT Family is special and this is just a fraction of the generosity among the staff.

Who has been your Role Model as a Coach?

My Dad...He did it the real way and worked his way from the bottom and his hard work paid off. There is no coach in the country who attacks the day like he did and cares more than he did about his players. I will forever be grateful for the example he set for me as a professional. I wouldn't be where I am today without his leadership.

How do you foresee the Offense changing this upcoming year?

The nuts and bolts of the offense will be very similar to what the fans have seen in the past but I want to put my stamp on it. We will implement some of the schemes that I have been running for my entire career but I also love being on the cutting edge of some new ideas. Stay tuned!

Have you had a chance to explore any of the Lake Travis area, or Hill Country?

Unfortunately, I have not been out and about yet but as soon as my family gets here we will be exploring all of the time.

Movie Theatres.  Reserved Seating or General?

General. I haven't been to a movie without kids in years.

Whats your favorite movie of all time?

Major League

You will be working with Coach Spano rather closely.  What do you think That will be like??


Favorite local restaurant so far ?


Lake Travis has a terrific Youth Football Program.  Are you going to get those youth coaches running your offense?

Some of the coaches at the youth and middle school level have reached out to me. I would like to incorporate our offense into all levels so that the players are prepared when they arrive at LT.

What's your opinion of 7on7 ?

Anytime student-athletes have an opportunity to compete, I think it is good.

You will also be overseeing the Recruiting program at LT.  How will that work? And what are your thoughts??

I am excited to help these young men achieve their goal of playing at the next level. Hopefully I will be able to be a resource for them and assist in getting them evaluated by as many programs as possible.

Anything else that you would like to convey to the fan base, parents or players ?

It's an honor to be a Lake Travis Cavalier!